Top 3 Nepali Restaurant in Sydney

With the use of a lot of vegetables and tender meat, Nepali cuisine is thought to be a lot healthier than most South Asian cuisine. No doubt, people often crave Nepali food like mo:mo, thukpa, & Nepali thali; end up searching “best Nepali restaurant” on Google.

So, in this article, we are covering the best Nepali restaurants to help you have the best meals of your life. But, before that let us first learn more about Nepali cuisine and popular dishes.

What are some of the popular Nepali dishes?

Nepal is a country which covers a variety of landscape and ethnic groups. So, every place you go in Nepal is going to have some specialty food or drink. Some of the popular Nepali dishes are; sel roti, gundruk, thukpa, choila, yomari, and more.

Top 3 Nepali Restaurant in Sydney

Everest Mo:Mo Australia

Address: Shop 6/151-155 Hawkesbury Rd, Westmead NSW 2145

Special food: Chatpate mo:mo, Sukuti mo:mo

Falcha Nepali Restaurant

Address: Shop 1/165 Forest Rd, Hurstville NSW 2220

Special food: Green mo:mo, Buff chhoila

Momos Hub Nepalese Restaurant

Address: 636 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Special food: Newari Khaja Set, Dhido Ko Thali, Piro Sausage

How much does a meal for two cost in a Nepalese restaurant?

A meal for two at a Nepalese restaurant can cost anywhere from $70 to $100. Nepalese cuisine have starters like potato salads, chilli chicken, and other South Asia inspired dishes. For drinks you can order traditional Nepalese rice wine, yoghurt based drinks, or Nepali beer.

Similarly, most of the restaurants will also have a mo:mo platter or a street food platter. Finally, main meal can be curry and rice or a traditional plate which consists of different variety of meat, condiments, and beaten rice or steamed rice.

Please write down in comments, what is your favourite Nepali restaurant in Sydney?

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