Everything You Need To Know About Teej Nepali Festival

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Teej (Nepali: तीज , ISO 15919: Tīja) is the generic name for a number of Hindu festivals that are celebrated by women. Haryali Teej and Hartalika Teej welcome the monsoon season and are celebrated primarily by girls and women, with songs, dancing and prayer rituals. The monsoon festivals of Teej are primarily dedicated to Parvati and her union with Shiva.[1] Women often fast in celebration of Teej. Hartalika Teej is celebrated in all parts of Nepal and most […]

Top 3 Nepali Removals in Sydney

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Without a question, relocating is a challenging task. Often, the pleasure of a new home is accompanied by the stress of physically packing and relocating all of one’s stuff. A majority of international students move to Sydney to stay closer to their new workplace or education. People also move interstate for immigration purposes or when […]

What is the Price of Blue Label in Nepal?

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the finest whisky produced by Johnnie Walker. It is made from the rarest barrels in House of Walker, the world’s biggest whisky distillery, to replicate the early 19th-century style of whiskies. The barrels are hand-selected for their superior quality, character, and flavor while keeping the distinctive smokiness of Johnnie Walker […]

Top Nepali Photographers in Sydney

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A picture frame contains more than just a photograph. As a method to commemorate a specific period from the past, it is put on the mantel or hung on the wall and includes a moment that has been preserved in time. Thinking about WALL, there are three things famous in NEPAL; Mo:mos, tea, and the […]

Top 3 Nepali Restaurant in Sydney

With the use of a lot of vegetables and tender meat, Nepali cuisine is thought to be a lot healthier than most South Asian cuisine. No doubt, people often crave Nepali food like mo:mo, thukpa, & Nepali thali; end up searching “best Nepali restaurant” on Google. So, in this article, we are covering the best […]

VTEN in Sydney | Know about Venue, Prices & More

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It is said that “Live music is medicine for the mind”. With a large number of young Sydney-based fan bases, VTEN is here yet another time. However, this time, it’s a WHITE PARTY, unlike any other regular VTEN concert. About VTEN Known professionally as VTEN, rapper Samir Ghising is from Nepal and has worked in […]

SEO Nepal | Digital Marketing & SEO Services Nepal

SEO Nepal Services is regarded as one of the best in the world. SEO is one of many channels in digital marketing that has helped many companies thrive in Nepal and also everywhere else in the world. Today let’s learn about SEO agencies in Nepal, what services they provide. And how to find the best […]

11 Haunted Places in Nepal + [The Ghost Stories]

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This article shows the scary side of Nepal, behold the top 10 Haunted places. Dive into this article and by the end, you will be able to name the scariest places in Nepal along with the ghost stories behind those places. Nepal is not only a well-known country for tourism. It is also famous for […]

Dells Best laptops in Nepal | Prices and More

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Laptops, like any other electronic computer, play a major role in our daily lives. One of its key functions is to make our lives simpler compared to the sort of life that our previous generations had. Laptops can be costly, but many manufacturers make fantastic laptops costing less by making some cuts. Buyers who need […]

20+ Major Festivals in Nepal with Pictures

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Nepal is a country of beautiful mountains, gorgeous roads, and of course is famous for a lot of festivals as well. People of Nepal follow a variety of religions; Hindu, Christianity, Buddhism, and Muslim being top 4 of them.  Most of the festivals celebrated in Nepal come from the Hindu religion whereas a lot of […]

Diamond Price in Nepal

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Looking for Diamond prices in Nepal? Gold has always been the mainstream of Nepali Jewelleries. It is perfectly bounded with our culture as well. Coming to the 21st century, the use of diamond in Nepali jewelry has been increasing.  Also, a few pieces of jewelry have been making big in this market, with stores in […]

Handicraft in Nepal

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Handicrafts in Nepal are very popular among people. Many internal and external tourists in Nepal buy these little masterpieces as a gift or as a memory. Nepal, as a country has a very rich heritage when it comes to culture and a variety of people who live in harmony. With the fusion in culture, we […]

Top 10 Banks in Nepal | Best Nepali Banks

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Banking has become a major profession in Nepal. No doubt, the banks are making a huge business out of this. Banks are an integral part of human society for a very long time now. Whether it’s for something personal or business matter having a bank account is very crucial in many ways. There are many […]

How to Find a Lost Phone in Nepal?

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Lost or misplaced your phone in Nepal? In today’s world when every other guy around has a phone, losing a phone today is common as losing books back in the 1980s. Especially in a country like Nepal, where technologies are not regulated as strongly as the world’s biggest nations. You should be really careful with […]

Tattoo Removal in Nepal | Prices & FAQ’s

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The trend of tattoos in Nepal is ever-growing. From film stars to singers, every other guy living in Nepal now has a tattoo. There are two sides to the tattoo. It is permanent. It is both the good side and the bad side of the tattoo. If you want something to stay with you forever then it […]

Top 5 Jewellery Shop in Nepal

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Jewelry has an undoubted ability to bring out a women’s best features and personality. And it is seen most commonly as a fashion accessory for completing an outfit. But in some cultures it is more than just a fashion accessory, it’s an expression of their culture. Nepal, for instance, is a beautiful country of diverse […]

5 Famous Food in Nepal | Best Cuisine To Try in Nepal

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This article will take you to the flavours found in streets of Nepal. Have a  look at the five famous Nepali food that you mustt try. By the end of this post you will know about the favourites of every Nepalese foodie. Apart from the variety of wild animals, Nepal also has a wide variety […]

Meaning of Nepali Flag | Shape, Color, & Symbols Explained

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In this article, we will talk about the history of the mighty flag of Nepal. Along with that we will also go through the things explained by Nepal’s flag. By the end, you will know what individual colors in Nepal’s flag explain. Nepal is a landlocked country located in South Asia. It is unique in […]

How to: Download Nepali Songs 2020 | Free MP3 & Video Downloads

The entertainment industry in Nepal has grown significantly in the last decade. No doubt, the craze for Nepali songs among people is at its peak. People go here and there on the internet to figure out ways on How to download Nepali songs? Well, folks, I bring you various ways through which you can download […]

Information About People of Nepal

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This article will give you insights about the people living in Nepal. There are several castes and races of people living in this small country. By the end you will be able to find differeence between different castes of People in Nepal. It is very simple and fun to greet in Nepal. You just have […]

Top 10 Animals in Central Zoo of Nepal

The largest city in Nepal, the town of Kathmandu, offers its golden pagodas and charming villages a variety of historical places, ancient temples, and shrines. The zoos in Kathmandu are a must if anyone travels to explore wildlife. Also, Kathmandu can bring tourists a lot, and the Central Zoo in Kathmandu Nepal is one of […]

10 Nepali Flag Tattoo Design For Inspiration

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The body is a blank canvas and the best-planned tattoos can make the canvas an art piece. Among many things that come in mind while thinking of a tattoo design, the flag of your country might be on the list.   And maybe the flag tattoo idea might be the top in the list if […]

How to Get Netflix in Nepal?

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Netflix is a subscription-based service that hosts video content. You’ve presumably known about Net­flix. Or on the other hand, most likely you don’t. All things considered, in any case, it’s membership-based assistance that offers web-based spilling of a library of movies and TV programs—kind of a current interpretation of digital TV. As an application, Netflix […]

New Year’s Day 2075 Nepal | Guide

Nepali people have their own unique calendar system. The system which they use is called Bikram Sambat or Vikram Sambat/ Era. This day of celebrations is accompanied by a public holiday. Business, Schools are also closed on this occasion. In fact, the first month of Nepalese Calander, “Baisakh” is when the academic year starts for […]

Why Is Lukla Tenzing–Hillary Airport The Most Dangerous?

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The Tenzing-Hillary airport also called as the Lukla Airport is considered the world’s most dangerous airport. This airport is located at eastern part of Nepal in a district named Solukhumbhu. It is a small airport located in a town named Khumbu which experiences breath-taking landings every day. So, why is Lukla airport the most dangerous […]

What is Nepal’s Monthly Minimum Wage?

In Nepal, the minimum wage is introduced by the government and does not allow the employee to pay less than the decide minimum wage. The rate is mandatory and any business that fails to obey the law will be subjected to be punished by the government. The minimum wage in Nepal? The minimum wage in […]

Typeshala: Download Nepali Typeshala Windows XP/ 8 / 10

If you are a 90’s kid, you would probably remember the famous Nepali software Typeshala. This legendary software reminds me of my initial days with computers. Typeshala.exe It is a software that was designed to help people type in Nepali and English with the approach of fun learning. As we can see below, there used […]

Top 10 IT Companies in Nepal: Software, Websites, & Services

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IoT is getting bigger and bigger every day. Similarly, the number of IT companies all over the world is also ever booming. We have seen the internet making billionaires in this era. In recent times this trend is also practiced in smaller countries like Nepal. There are over five hundred companies that work in the […]

How to Get Police Report in Nepal? Police Clearance Online

Applying for a new job abroad and asked for police verification? Now, don’t worry, you don’t need to be able to apply, collect and send a letter from your relatives in Kathmandu. Electronic verification service for Nepalese living abroad was introduced by the Nepalese Police. This allows you to figure out your personal verification process […]

10 Best Online News Portal in Nepal | Top Nepali News Websites

There were times when people used to depend on the national newspaper for their day-to-day information feed. News used to take longer times to circulate. However, with the increasing use of the internet in Nepali households, things changed. The availability of the internet and social media also changed the scenario a lot. Nowadays, the number […]

Cannabis in Nepal | Shocking Facts About Marijuana in Nepal

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Today’s generation might be confused when they hear that it was actually legal to smoke cannabis or say weed in Nepal. But the truth is, Nepal is one of the first countries to establish commercialization of cannabis. It ended sadly after sometime when Nepali government got global pressure. The picture given below is not photoshopped or […]

Airports In Nepal | List of All Domestic and International Airports

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There are a number of international and domestic airports in Nepal. This article enlists all of the commercial ones that are in operation. Any guess what is the number of airports in Nepal? From, big to small and international to domestic, there are a total of forty-seven fully functioning airports located in this small country. Thirty-Two […]

Nepali Beer That You Must Try This Friday Night

Trust me! There are people on this holy planet who love beer more than their wives. The love for beer makes people crazy. Hmm! How about having a sip (or two) in a beautiful piece of land on earth? Wanna try beer in Nepal? What are my options? Is beer cheap in Nepal? How strong […]

Fathers’ Day in Nepal | Know Everything About Kushe Aushi

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Nepali fathers’ Day, also known as Kushe Aushi is a festival celebrated by Hindu Nepalese people. This festival is totally unrelated to the English Fathers’ day, however, the major objectives of giving fathers’ an honor remains the same. It is also called ‘Gokarna Aushi’ or “Buwa ko mukh herne din” which translates as, “day to […]

10 Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal [ 2020 Updated List ]

There is an increasing competition among ecommerce websites in Nepal. This article will take you through the list of top 10 website in Nepal where you can shop online and get delivered to your home. E-commerce has drastically changed how a consumer interacts with a seller as a whole. With the rise of the internet, […]

Top 7 Highest Paid Nepali Actors Revealed

The Nepalese movie industry has seen a great boom in the last decade. The entertainment industry took twists and turns before being stable at a stage where the actors started making a healthy living out of the movies. The collections made by movies are now making new records. The cinema box collections have also seen […]

Everything You Need to Know About Rara Lake, Nepal

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Rara lake is the deepest and biggest freshwater lake in the Himalayan country Nepal. Tourists consider Rara lake as one of their favorite destinations in Nepal. The beauty of this lake is untouched by the developing world and still exists without human interruptions. Rara lake is covered by hills on the sides with alpine trees […]

Best Time to Visit Nepal | Trek, Climate, Seasons, Price, and Festivals GUIDE

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The best time to visit Nepal depends on your purpose to visit Nepal. You cannot expect to play snows in the Himalayas in the summer season or celebrate Christmas in the mid of April, can you? Nepal is a country which has various kinds of land topography and experiences various types of climates. Between October and December is […]

10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal for Honeymoon | Fantasy Destinations

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Planning a honeymoon in Nepal? Well, you won’t regret coming to Nepal to create good memories with your loved one. Nepal is naturally rich and filled with romantic destinations. You will find amazing river beaches, hills, rivers, mountains and every other natural scenario you can think of in your mind. Most important of all, Nepal is […]

Top 10 Schools in Nepal for Quality Education | Facilities & More

Everybody wants their child to grow up into a successful one in future days and secondary schools are where everything starts. You might be searching for the best school here in Nepal to enroll your child. Maybe, you are the child itself researching the best options for you. The major hurdle for you might be […]

5 Best Hotels in Kathmandu Near Tribhuvan International Airport

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Tribhuvan International Airport is the only international airport of Nepal. It is located in Kathmandu, which is capital of Nepal. A lot of tourists come to Kathmandu every year to see the beauty of the country of mountains, Nepal. And it is a usual thing that hotels in Kathmandu near the airport will be ever […]

Nepal or India: Where was Gautam Buddha Born? | Reality Revealed

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The birthplace of Gautam is really controversial to this date. This is mainly because of some political and religious leaders being a part of misconception themselves. So, where was Buddha born? is it INDIA or Nepal. Maybe none of them? To know the birthplace of Gautam Buddha we have to dive a little into his life […]