Welcome to That Nepali Blog!

That Nepali Blog is an information portal for Nepalese in Australia. We post regular blog content which can be informative and entertaining to;

  • Students researching study options in Australia
  • International students staying in Australia
  • Nepal-born Australian & second generation
  • People willing to know more about Nepalese culture

My name is Rasesh Koirala, and I am the founder of this blog.

I have heard somewhere that “people create things either out of desperation or motivation.” Well, I had both in this case!

You see, I came to Australia as an international student in 2018. Being an internet-savvy person I searched random things about lifestyle and struggles in Australia.

However, there are only a few resources, and none of them were talking in a personal tone. Even simpler things like traveling around and options for my education were difficult to find on the internet.

So, I created this blog as a necessity to help my fellow international students learn more about living in Australia.

Except for these, Australia has an exceptional Nepalese-born population. Hence, people willing to know about Nepalese culture and festivals are also increasing.

It’s my mission to facilitate any possible information that will help international students, second-generation Nepalese,  Nepal-born Australians, and foreign nationals interested to know more about Nepal.

If you can contribute to my mission please feel free to reach me at rasesh@thatnepaliblog.com.au with your contribution proposal.


Rasesh Koirala